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System Optimization and Calculation Of Savings
Measured and verified maximum results

Demtroys provides follow-up throughout the first year of system implementation, then accurately measures results based on the highest energy certification standards.

System Optimization

Throughout the first year of implementation, our experts will optimize the system’s parameters to generate maximum savings, while preserving the comfort of your tenants.
Learn more about our energy analysis services that enable the detection of any anomalies that may reduce heating savings.

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Calculation Of Savings Generated

After one year of system operation, we calculate the results.

This process, carried out with the utmost rigour, follows the internationally recognized IPMVP method (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol) for calculating energy efficiency.

Demtroys, having introduced innovative systems in an industry where there are few tangible results, has invested in best practices and energy measuring certifications from the moment its first facilities were in place. We take this activity seriously and are proud of the recognition of our peers and of rebate program administrators.

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Training Your Staff
and Dialoguing With Your Tenants

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System Maintenance
and Assistance 24/7

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