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Web Portal – Demtroys Link
A web portal enabling you to interact with your system and building

Demtroys Link is a portal providing real-time strategic information to increase the efficiency of your system.

It gives you access to key parameters for your system in the building and provides you with personalized reports and trend analysis. You can adjust the parameters to optimize your savings remotely.


In the event of a heat complaint from a tenant, quickly diagnose the situation by accessing all the relevant parameters of a specific apartment.


In one glance, see the indoor temperature, consumption, and load per zone or apartment, for the desired period.


See your Demtroys energy saving configurations for each zone.


Quickly see the connection status, temperature, and network information for the apartment of your choice.


Enter your own temperature criteria and see in real time the temperature distribution in the building in a 3D rotational image of your building.

And much more…

Alarm management module | Maintenance mode
Management of users and data security | Documents and knowledge center

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