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Success Story
11 August 2020

The board of directors of New Spadina Garment Industry Corp. is pleased with its decision to install the Demtroys’ system in its building located at 3561 Eglinton Avenue West in Toronto. This 140 suites, 16 floors, apartment building with 500 occupants was constructed in 1986. It was consuming 1M KWh in electrical baseboard space heating every year, representing more than $120,000.

“As New Spadina saw that its electricity cost per KWh was rising rapidly, its board decided it had to gain control over the electric heating costs,” says President Bruce Laird.

The Demtroys System was installed in March 2016. One year after the installation, the results were impressive. “We saved over $50,000 the first heating season (2016-17). And it was an easy process; the wireless system makes the installation quick (one week on site) and households still have control of their in-suite and in-room temperatures, provided they keep their windows closed. Our simple payback after the SaveOnEnergy grant was 2.2 years! Note that as a non-profit housing provider we received double the usual grant.”

Ramona Hossu, New Spadina’s General Manager, advises “We see the Demtroys system as the third leg of a three part system: 1) education of households and staff about heating and ventilation in our cold Canadian climate, 2) proper ventilation of electrically heated suites during the winter and 3) households keeping their windows closed during winter.

“We also noted that prior to Demtroys we had been spending from $10,000 to $15,000 per year on specialty mould remediation contractors for this electrically heated building. This mould had been an unsolved problem for 30 years.  Since the installation of the Demtroy’s system 1) we have had a heating/ventilation education program for households, 2) we have not had any mould problems whatsoever and 3) windows have been checked in the winter with the infrared gun approx five times total in 2016-17 and 2017-18 and rarely is a window found open. If your electrically heated building has a hallway pressurization ventilation system, you cannot achieve proper building suite ventilation and a mould free building if a large number of suite windows are left open in the winter.”

“Worked into any feasibility calculation should be the savings on mould remediation and the improved quality of life for households due to much better and healthier winter suite ventilation. Would we install the Demtroys system again? Yes, definitely.”