Leading Heating Control Solution in the Multi-Unit Market
We know how to reduce your energy consumption.
We know how to reduce your energy consumption.

Are you paying for your tenants' heating?

Are heating costs one of your major expenses?

Do your energy costs steadily increase?

Is energy being wasted in your building?

Is it possible to reduce your heating costs?  

According to you, how much money is wasted in heating per year due to negligent tenants who do not take energy costs into consideration?

Is the heat turned on year round? Is the demand really high?

Is your building's electrical demand (peak) high? Do you regularly have to pay additional fees to your energy suppliers?

New Solution
Just for You

From now on, manage your building's heating capacity in a sound, automatic, and safe fashion.

For the first time on the market, Demtroys Technology offers a state-of-the-art solution to control your multi-unit building's heating.

The Demtroys™ System will allow you to strike a balance between efficient management of heating costs and the comfort of your tenants.

Demtroys™ System can reduce the costs associated with excessive energy consumption and heating capacity surplus for your building, and make you save a lot of money.

Our Solution's

10 to 35% Savings

Super fast turn-key installation, no renovations, no finishing
Can work on any kind of building (new or existing) or heating system (electrical, hot water, and so on)
Adapts to the size of the building
Available in wireless

Reliable Wireless Technology
Safe, easy to operate, and does not require maintenance

Meets the legal obligations of building owners

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